Benign lesions are lumps or bumps such as moles, cysts or skin tags, which are mostly benign (harmless).

Why does my lesion need to be removed?

Although most lesions do not cause problems, you may want to have them removed for functional or diagnostic reasons. Surgery is recommended to remove skin lesions that show any signs of turning cancerous. We may take a biopsy (sample) of the affected site and test the area of skin for diagnostic purposes.

What type of biopsy can be done?

  • A shave biopsy will remove the protruding part of the lesion, leaving the skin relatively flat after the procedure.
  • A punch biopsy is done with a one to eight millimeters sized circular blade. This blade is attached to a pencil-like handle and is rotated down removing a small cylindrical core of tissue.
  • An incisional biopsy is performed in the same way as a punch biopsy but removes part of the lesion rather than the whole lesion. This is mostly for diagnostic purposes before the actual procedure.
  • If the incision made includes the entire lesion it is defined as an excisional biopsy.